15 Original Topic Suggestions for a Dissertation in History

Choosing a dissertation topic for history majors can be an obstacle for many students. Unfortunately, when it comes time to pick these topics they often provide very little help and ask the student to do all the work selecting a topic. When you are stuck and cannot come up with an idea try these 15 potential topics and get your writing underway:

  1. The political environment within Europe that led to the discovery of the Americas and why their discovery was so important for the people and economy of Europe at that time
  2. The history of Vatican City and how this self-ruling entity came to be within the country of Italy and how they peacefully coexist
  3. The development of the protestant religion within England and how the ruling kings and queens influenced the adoption of different religions
  4. The evolution of vineyards within France and how the wine industry influenced that region
  5. The migration of the human population into urban centers throughout the world
  6. How theatre influenced politics in Paris and surrounding cities
  7. The evolution of communication and the influence of the internet on how people do business worldwide
  8. The struggle of race within a country and how one race will constantly suppress the rights of another
  9. How World War I influenced the growth of technology worldwide and developed manufacturing process that were used worldwide
  10. The history of Adolf Hitler an how he came to rule the country of Germany
  11. How horses evolved along with human civilization and went from essential tools to survive to the pets of elitists
  12. The rise and fall of Russia throughout history and their influence on the world
  13. Discuss the great worldwide race to establish a presence in space and how new players such as China are working to catch the leaders
  14. The immigration of the black race to the island country of Haiti and how it influenced the growth of this country
  15. Worldwide geographic disasters that have helped to shape the population of the world including earthquakes, comets and tsunamis

When you are lacking ideas consider one or more of these topics as a starting point for a dissertation in the topic of history. After finding something that is interesting change it around and make it unique and soon you will have the best topic possible.