A List of Good Thesis Topics for Nursing Students: Using New Approaches

A good thesis in nursing should be a well-recorded discussion on particular research topics created as the written form of a scholar’s research. It is particularly a requirement of higher scholastic qualifications. The fundamental attribute of a dissertation is its focus and precision and the subject is exhaustive, highlighting explicit aims and objectives of research.

Selecting a suitable dissertation topic is a crucial facet of research, and the initial step to producing a relevant, exhaustive and original work. To assist you in preparing your nursing paper, here is a list of good thesis topics for nursing students to consider. You can base your research on various topics using new approaches in the areas of nursing theories and models, evidence-based practice, community nursing, public health, and mental health.

Nursing Theories and Models

A population’s mental health requirements or needs may vary across different demographics. Mental illnesses can thus be prevented or managed using new approaches or interventions. Here are a few topics to consider in your nursing thesis.

  • An investigation into the efficiency of psychiatric medicine and treatment for patients with schizophrenia
  • Explore the new approaches to meeting the mental health needs of aging adults who suffer from loneliness and depression
  • An investigation into the problem of adolescent and youth abuse of drugs and alcohol and its relationship to mental health

Evidence-Based Practice

One of the most commonly accepted nursing practices is evidence-based practice. This is due to the importance it places on evidence in interventions and nursing approaches. Here is a list of good thesis topics for nursing students to consider under evidence-based practice.

  • To explore evidence-based practice as a practical and theoretical approach to interventions in nursing practice
  • To study the efficiency of evidence-based practice in nursing and healthcare
  • Ethics and leadership in evidence-based practice in nursing

Community Nursing

Community nursing demonstrates the important role of social interventions in the provision of healthcare, particularly for the disabled and the aged. Here are some thesis topics to consider in this area.

  • An evaluation of the nutritional status of young children as a critical element of community nursing
  • An investigation into the collaborative roles of policy makers, nurses, social workers and GPS technology in a community nursing centre
  • What role does community nursing play in enhancing the quality of life of elderly invalids?
  • A comparative assessment of community nursing and the healthcare needs of two cities