Useful Instructions On How To Set Up A Dissertation Cover Page

The dissertation is a very important project required by most students before they can receive their diplomas. Students must do their best to present an excellent paper to their examiners or they may very well have to repeat an entire year. No one wants to do this and students often seek help from third parties to increase their chances of success.

There are many ways to receive guidance with your paper and, depending on the format you choose, you may even be able to acquire helpful samples and drafts to help you along. Most established formats have lots of materials to aid students and it is highly recommended that you choose one of these to work with. The following is a simple set of instructions to help you set up a dissertation cover page:

  1. Display your tittle boldly
  2. The title comes first and must be displayed in a clear font, using a bigger text than all other text on the page. Center it carefully at the top of your page, paying attention to presentation and spacing to give the best effect. Find a few sample pages to view to help you decide on the best style to suit your preferences.

  3. Include the author’s name
  4. The author’s name should come after the title and must be in smaller text. You could place this line exactly one line beneath the title being certain to leave proper margins on both sides.

  5. Short description of the project
  6. About a third down your page, you are required to give a brief summary of the project. Do not go into too much detail, your intention here is to give readers an idea of what your paper contains. Be brief and try to emphasize the core idea behind your research.

  7. Department of study
  8. After your description, skip a few lines and begin stating the exact department of education this project belongs to. This will include things like the subject area, the entire course you are enrolled in and any departments involved in the project. You can list these, since they are likely to be at least two.

  9. Members of the committee
  10. Finally, you must state the members of the committee of examiners you are submitting the paper to. Use their full names, followed by their positions in your school. Start with the chairman and work your way down the ranks.