Choosing Powerful Dissertation Topics About Gender Education

Choosing a dissertation is always the hardest. It is the thesis one will be working for years to draft it and then some more to perfect it and then also there is no guarantee that it would be published. The dissertation would decide his entire career and what he would be known for. Gender education has always been a debatable topic in society.

Some societies agree that there should be equality in education while one set has defined the responsibilities of women and men which lead to changes in education system. While they have all had a perception of what education is they are still intolerant if certain views on education which might challenge their perception. Hence choosing a dissertation topic on gender education involves understanding emotional environment of the society. The following steps might help in choosing a powerful dissertation topic on gender education:

  • Don’t forget that there are three genders- It is true that the third gender is as important as the rest two. Transgender should not be forgotten while making any study on gender education or any of the gender based dissertations. Including them completes the population of study.

  • Target neglected societies- There would always be communities who have been shut to external environment and have been evolving on their own. A focus on those communities can be a powerful topic.

  • Politics and education- Political parties have always used education development as a primary weapon in hunting down votes. A comparative study of political party manifesto, the leader and his constituency on gender education would raise a lot of eyebrows in the world.

  • Education or literacy- A topic on literacy is not as same as a topic on education. Literacy with ethics is education. So the dissertation must give a detailed view of the prevailing system and the changes if required in it. A topic on Education can be mistaken as a topic on Literacy.

Few powerful dissertation topics about gender education can be:

  • Females are smarter than males when it comes to mathematics.
  • Educating Transsexuals might lead to next generation of scientists.
  • Brazil minister promises education but only to males.
  • Bestsellers in the world are majorly written by men because they were much more educated.
  • Equality in education might lead to bad home management.
  • Some men don’t become literates because they believe muscle power can solve everything.
  • Females get education more at home than at school.