Where To Go For Original Ideas For Your Dissertation In Psychology

The thought of writing a Psychology Dissertation can be daunting, particularly if you have to think of the subject matter yourself. Psychology is such a diverse subject covering aspects of thinking, behaviour, memory and learning as well as looking at the biology of the brain. Where do you begin looking for ideas? The options for subject matter are endless, but here are a few suggestions to get you thinking.

  • Begin with yourself
  • Think about your own life experiences. Have you experienced any difficulties with your mental health? Or perhaps some other issues such as bullying or grief? You may have a family member or a friend who has experienced these issues. Also, think about your own interests as this may also prompt an essay idea. Think back over your study of Psychology so far, what has been most interesting to you?

  • Your tutor
  • Speak with your tutor who will have a wealth of knowledge and may be able to give you some interesting ideas.

  • Visit local community service organisations
  • This may be a mental health service, a homeless shelter or a special education service. Talk with staff about some of the issues their clients have experienced and perhaps talk to some clients if they are willing. Staff will probably be busy, so try to schedule a time that is convenient for them and have a prepared list of questions.

  • The library
  • Spend some time in the library browsing through Psychology textbooks and journals. There may be an area of research that could be explored further. Or something you read may give you an idea for your own essay.

  • Psychologists throughout history
  • Browse through some biographies of some well-known Psychologists such as Freud, Skinner or Jung. You could examine their theories, or how they worked with clients or even how their own life experiences may have influenced their theories.

  • Online
  • An online search about Psychology may also give you some ideas. This is probably the easiest way to find ideas and, therefore, most likely the one that most people will be using. So looking elsewhere for an idea means that you may find an idea that could set you apart from other students.

Make it interesting to you

It is important that the topic you choose for your dissertation is interesting to you. This will help to keep you motivated throughout the process of researching and writing your dissertation.