How To Create A Solid Dissertation Proposal In Economics: Good Ideas

Economics is a very rich field of study which has a lot of potential issues for your dissertation. You should get up-to-date information in order to create a strong dissertation on this matter. In this article, we suggest some effective ideas that you may find handy in your upcoming article.

  • Explain the basic terms. In Economics, there are several terms that come across in a regular dissertation. However, not every reader will master the topic as an economist. If you are focusing your article for wider audience, take your time adding a few short definitions. You can also provide examples in order to present the information in simpler words.

  • Check the readability. Is anyone going to understand your text? Avoid using too long phrases and work in the format, as well. An easy-to-read document is always way more attractive than a dull endless chunk of paragraphs. If your dissertation is getting corrected, your aim is to make the job easier for the instructor.

  • Back your thesis up. Economics deal with data and up-to-date info. The main premises in your dissertation and your conclusion should, therefore, be based on the evidence that you provide. If you lack the back up data about a certain topic, you should it in your text.

  • Make a conclusion. As the monetary flow is always changing, you ought to focus in a certain study in order to arrive to a conclusion. Creating a closing statement helps to summarize the whole text and makes it easier to remember what the main premise was. The most common option is to state the thesis at the beginning and restate in the conclusion.

  • Use updated references. The importance of relying on updated information is undeniable, as the Economics studies vary from one year to the other. You should search for data in trustworthy sources in order to support your statements.

  • Check and/or Double check the sources. It is recommended to take a look at 2 different sources when searching for a given piece of information. In some cases, the figures may vary drastically because the studies are not carried out in precisely the same conditions. In Economics, a tiny difference in the input may create a very different output. This is why you need to be careful about the data you use for your dissertation.