7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Writing A Dissertation Proposal

The proposal of your dissertation is the section that you write prior to the dissertation and send to the official committee members to review. You need to have a persuasive tone and precisely discuss the significance and importance of your research and topic. You should be able to discuss the proposed methodology for collecting your data and the evaluation of the materials you have gathered for your paper. The audience for your paper is going to have an academic background so you need to make sure you present a reasonable argument and analysis of the ideas you present in your paper and suggest to use for your assignment

Students often do not realize the critical importance of this section and waste their efforts to complete their paper without enough knowledge and interest. Below is a list of common mistakes you should avoid when writing the proposal for your paper

  1. Using an obsolete topic
  2. The worst thing you could do with your project is to choose an old or over dragged topic. You should never make the mistake of choosing to write about something, which is already in discussion by several authors

  3. Invalid sources for the data
  4. This section of your paper is equally important as the final project so you should ignore the fact that the sources you use for your data should be academically appropriate and valid

  5. Unclear or ambiguous writing
  6. Never start writing your proposal unless you are sure about the overall scope and have enough research available to write your paper. If you are confused about your paper, the readers can identify it through your writing and would decrease your chances of passing the paper

  7. Adding too much detail
  8. Remember that the proposal of your paper is only supposed to show the overall scope of your project and you should not add unnecessary details that make it lengthy. You need to add only that evidence which is mandatory for the readers to understand the significance of your paper. Leave some curiosity for the rest of the paper

  9. Delaying your paper
  10. If you start writing the paper late then there are chances of you missing the deadline. You should start this assignment on time so that you have enough time for revision

  11. Grammatical errors
  12. Avoid sending your paper without proofing it for grammatical and spelling errors

  13. Using an informative tone rather than persuasive
  14. Use a persuasive tone because you have to convince your readers of your ideas