Selecting Interesting Thesis Topics: A Useful Manual

How to choose your topic for your paper?

  • Number One: The topic you chose should be of great interest to you.

  • Number Two: The topic you pick has to be on things that are dear to your heart.

  • Number Three: Ensure that there is enough information on the topic for research purposes.

  • Number Four: It is sometimes fine to have a topic that is a little controversial, but not too controversial.

  • Number Five: Sometimes it is not good to have a topic that was discussed and debated a lot.

  • Number Six: It is good to have a topic that is currently trending in the local news and on social media.

  • Number Seven: The topic has to be interesting, fun, and entertaining not only to the writer, but to the reader as well.

  • Number Eight: Should always take one’s time when trying to find the right topic.

  • Number Nine: It is good to ask friends for suggestions on a good topic.

  • Number Ten: The topic you choose for your paper has to be fun for you to research and write about.

Where one can find good topics for their research paper?

  • Social media and internet are excellent places to find good topic ideas.

  • Magazines, business journals, and professional journals are good avenues for topic ideas.

  • Can do surveys and ask friends what are their interests and what they are reading in the media.

  • Based on the class the paper will be for, you can select a topic from the course material or course textbook.

  • The professor sometimes provides the student with topics to pick from for their paper.

  • The library is a good resource to find ideas for a topic.

  • Any books, magazines, and web blogs are also good resources for topic ideas.

Here some excellent ideas for research paper topics:

  • Bullying, gun violence, and suicide among school age students.

  • Obesity and diseases that are caused by symptoms of obesity.

  • Legal drinking age 21 years old vs. Legal drinking age 18 years old

  • How individuals are now becoming famous without having any “true talents or true gifts”.

  • Why the minimum wage should be increased?

  • Suggestions for the President and Congress to learn to work together to pass bills and laws.

  • Do you really need a college education to be successful in America?

  • Why is the high school drop rate so high in certain parts of the USA and not in other parts of the USA?

  • Why don’t American students take “free education” seriously like children in “third world countries” (who have to pay for their education)?