Where to Look for a Great Dissertation Introduction Example

The introduction of any paper, but especially a dissertation, is very important. You want to grab your reader’s or your audience’s attention, so they will become engaged in your paper. You want the reader to agree with you and to care about your topic. The best way to write a good introduction for your dissertation is to read as many good samples as you possibly can do so before you begin to compose your own. By mirroring what is good, your job becomes easier and your efforts are more effective. Take heart, there are places where you can view many excellent samples. Use our guide as you look for them.

Where to Look for Dissertation Introduction Samples

  • Your advisor ‑ your faculty advisor should have a file of papers you can preview. Most advisors only keep the best ones. Ask your advisor to see his or her copies.
  • The writing lab ‑ if your campus has a writing lab then there will be archived papers of all kinds at the lab. Ask the lab assistant if you can look at this file of archived samples. You can also ask the assistant to look over your writing for help. This service is free.
  • The media center ‑ just like the writing lab, the media center should have archived papers. Ask the media assistant if you can look at them. You will not be able to remove them from the media center, but you may be able to photocopy them. Also check the reference section for books that have papers in them. There should be several of them, but again you can not check them out of the media center.
  • Online ‑ you can look around online, but always consider the source of any papers you do locate there. Mirroring bad papers will not benefit you at all.
  • Dissertation writing services ‑ if you employ a writing company for help, you will find that they have many copies of all types of papers for you to review. You will have to pay to use a writing company.
  • Industry Periodicals ‑ your field of study or industry will publish dissertations in its journals and magazines. You can look at the best ones and then model your paper after what you see. If you do not subscribe to the magazines, you need to do so immediately. Until your subscription begins, you can look at the ones in the school library.