Detailed Instructions On How To Write A Dissertation Contents Page

If you are tasked with completing a dissertation contents page it is important that you make sure the format is on par with your requirements. Every institution will have a different set of requirements not only for the arrangement of your dissertation and the format of each section but also for the contents page.

  • The contents page functions the same as a table of contents. The purpose of the contents page is to provide a potential reader with all of the information that they would require regarding the information contained in your dissertation as well as the order in which it is presented. This information will show them which chapters located where so that they can easily locate individual sections for reference. Such information is often presented in the exact same manner as standard table of contents pages in a book or magazine. Some academic institutions will require slight variations.

  • For example, one academic institution may require that students use dots linking the last character of the section to the page number where as others preferred that all page numbers be indented to the right side of the page with no dots in between the final character of the contents and the page numbers.

  • Other academic institutions may requires for things such as the abstract, the title page, and the table of contents itself. Others require these to be numbered the same as the rest of the pages.

  • It is for this reason that it is imperative for you to speak with your advisor to see exactly what requirements they have for your particular piece of work. You should schedule a time to discuss the requirements for each section of your final product as well as the contents page. It might be in your best interest not only to meet with your advisor but two review multiple examples that other students have previously submitted so as to locate the most common method used by previous graduates. This will help you to prepare the final format of your contents page in the same fashion as other students have used.

  • If you have a template this may reduce the amount of time you spend searching for the right way to arrange your contents page as a template may allow you to simply copy and paste your chapters into the appropriate area and update the existing table‚Äôs page for all of your new contents.