Free Tips On How To Compose A Dissertation Proposal In 30 Minutes

The dissertation proposal is sometimes more challenging than the writing of the actual proposal. This is where you have to prove to an entire committee that your idea for your proposal is worthwhile. Since you will be spending the greater part of your final semester completing your thesis you must make sure you have a great idea. Here are some free tips on how to compose a dissertation proposal in a short amount of time:

  • Since you are trying to convince the committee that your idea is worth the time and effort, make sure you write your proposal in the future tense. Tell them what you are going to do, why you want to do it and how you are going to do it.

  • Show the committee that you have in-depth knowledge already about the subject matter you are researching. Let them know that you have already done considerable research on the matter.

  • Make sure your proposal answers the questions that follow:

    • Why is your idea worth doing?

    • What do you want to accomplish by completing this research?

    • What sources are you going to use to help you with your research?

    • What other places are you going to go to get the answers for your hypothesis?

    • What is your plan of attack to test your hypothesis?

  • Make sure you let the committee know what others have already published regarding your subject matter. Also touch on what others have said about your research methods and experiments you intend to use. Tell the committee how you are going to improve the information already written.

  • Outline the special equipment you may be using in order to complete any experiments and let the committee know how you are going to get what is needed.

  • Impress upon the committee how your methods of experimentation and analysis are going to be different than what is already completed.

  • Make sure you stay on point when you are completing your dissertation proposal. Don’t stray off track and confuse your committee. Make sure they know you are serious about your work and know what you want to do.

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