What Does a Proper Dissertation Title Page Look Like?

Your dissertation is a very important document that you have spent over a year producing. The proper cover/title page is the first thing people when see when they pickup the paper. Use our tips so you can know what a proper dissertation title page should look like.

Tips for a Dissertation Title Page

  • The font should be plain-Arial or Times New Roman
  • The font should be size 12
  • Unless otherwise noted, the page will be double-spaced
  • There will be an one inch top margin
  • There will be an one inch right margin
  • There will be an one inch left margin
  • The title should be centered and in all caps
  • The name should not be longer than 250 characters
  • Drop four spaces and write the word “by”
  • Double space and type your name
  • Double space and type any degrees you have earned-this is still centered
  • Space about eight spaces, you can see if the paper is not too top heavy or too bottom heavy…then write
  • A Dissertation
    That is
    Submitted in Partial Fulfillment of the Requirements for the Degree of (then put your degree)
  • Skip eight to ten lines and then…. write
  • Department of English
    Name of Your School
    Year and Month

    (Then insert the appropriate graduation month and year as May/August 2015)

  • Your university will tell you how many copies you should need. Consider that your family may want copies. All the committee members may want copies.
  • Your university will also let you know if covers or binders are needed. Each school has specific needs and rules.
  • If the process of putting together y our dissertation is overwhelming, you can hire a writing company or a dissertation tutor to help you. Having assistance with the small things (that are important) such as the compilation will make the entire task easier for you.
  • If you do not wish to hire a writing company or a specialized tutor, you may want to use a template or a sample page. Having these guides will be immensely helpful as you will know what everything I s supposed to look like. Just make sure that the template or model fits the specific school requirements.

When you need to know what a proper and correct title page looks like, you can use our handy guide and hints. Having these tips will make the process of creating it move smoothly.