Looking For A Well-Written Dissertation Data Analysis Example

One of the most important parts of a dissertation is the data analysis section. It is also one of the trickiest. The reason for this is that in this section you interpret the data you have obtained through your experimentation. If your interpretation of the data is spot on and you describe it well in this section, you will be able to draw precise and firm conclusions about your experiment and your hypothesis. If, however, your data analysis is not how it should be, your whole dissertation will suffer.

Keeping in mind the importance of this section, it is essential to get it right. In order to get it right, it is great if you have some great examples of dissertations on hand to see how the more successful students have done it before. Below, we give you some great pointers on how and where to find some fine examples.

  1. Your professor is your best source
  2. Your professors and supervisors are there to not only teach you in class but to also guide you through the dissertation writing process. Most of your teachers will have copies of writings by their best students on record and if you only ask, they will be glad to show you those. Use these examples as a reference point to create your own unique and effective data analysis section.

  3. Go check out the library
  4. Most school libraries have student sections which proudly display the work of previous students in archived form. Go through the relevant section and pick out the best dissertations you can find. These can be in your own subject area, which will give you a specific idea of how to go about writing your own; and in other subject areas, which will give you broad ideas on best writing practices. Use your judgment and use a combination of ideas to formulate a great paper.

  5. Look it up online
  6. One of the best resources for finding pretty much anything is the internet. Use appropriate search terms for your subject area and topic along with the words “dissertation” and “thesis” and you will get some great examples. Keep in mind that the internet will throw up some junk information too and it is up to you to weed it out and get the really good information for yourself. Trust authentic sources and you will be alright. Have great fun writing your dissertation.