Writing A Thesis Table Of Contents: Basic Tutorial

The Table of Contents is not a difficult part of your thesis but it is definitely necessary. This area of your paper is important because you have several parts and your reader needs to be able to find his way around. Think of your table of contents as a map that will guide your reader through your thesis. It also highlights the important parts of your article and leads the reader towards parts that may interest him. This professional custom thesis writing service has developed a simple tutorial on how to create your table of contents so that your reader doesn’t get lost.

It will also highlight the special parts of your paper and let the reader know what you feel is important.

Identify the Chapters

The first step in developing your road map is to identify the different parts of your paper as chapters. You have to formulate a plan on how you want to present your information to your reader. These chapters divide your paper into different sections and allow the reader to keep his place or to find his place. Once you have accomplished this add Roman Numerals to your chapters and you will be ready for the next step.

Exploring Your Map

Now you are ready to break down your chapters further. You want to become more specific about what is in each chapter. This is the fun part of the table of contents. It is here that you can give specific information to your reader about what is where in your thesis. Also, what information you choose to add will identify interesting information and it will act as a map so your reader can jump to whatever section he may choose to explore at that time.

Location of Table of Contents

Your map of your paper should be in the beginning of the paper. Add it to your paper after your abstract. You want your reader to get an idea of what type of adventure he is going to be in for as he begins his journey through your article.

Treasure Map

The table of contents seems to be a very basic and simplistic addition to your thesis. Some writers may even think it is an unnecessary part of your work. Actually it is a treasure map of the blood and sweat you put into your composition. This map allows the reader to take a journey through your thesis and identifies points of interest along the way.