Writing An English Research Paper: Tips For High School

There have been situations where students find it difficult to start or even complete their research papers, even when they are in their final year in high school. If you are one of such students, then you are really not alone. Some of the reasons why you are not able to deal with this task include not being conversant with the mechanics of writing research papers, not knowing how to properly cite your paper or construct your paper in proper grammar and punctuation. Even the most experienced writers do sometimes find it difficult to write a perfect research paper.

Now that you need help in writing your paper as you graduate from high school, here are a few tips to help you start and complete your academic paper. They are as follows:

  • Get Organized: You need to make a list of the tasks you need to carry out, indicating the deadline and goals you need to achieve. Create a solid schedule and stick to it.

  • Choose Your Paper’s Topic: In order to successfully complete your paper without getting burned out, you should choose an interesting topic.

  • Carry Out Researches: Make sure that you source for data for your paper from reliable sources only. If possible, conduct interviews to gather more authentic data. Don’t forget to take notes as you research.

  • Create Your Thesis: At this point, you clearly state your position or idea on the topic of your research paper.

  • Create Your Outline: With an outline, you will be able to know if your paper is flowing in the right direction. It tells you what content is still relevant to the paper or not as you make progress with the writing.

  • Write Your Draft: With the aid of your outline and the information earlier gathered, it is time to start writing your paper. Making sure you note quotations that need to be cited.

  • Review And Edit: In order to achieve the best results, it is important that you allow your paper to sit for a while so that you can edit with clearer head and sharp eyes. You can even seek professional help in having it reviewed and edited.

  • Create Citation And Bibliography: In order for your paper not to be deemed copied, it is important that you credit sources of your data, especially quotes.

  • Polish And Submit: This is when you go through the paper once again to confirm that everything is in order and then you are free to submit.

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