Easy Ways To Find A Proper Example Of A Dissertation Introduction

An introduction is one of the most challenging parts of a dissertation. Although this section goes at the very beginning of the paper, it shouldn’t be written first. It is usually recommended that you do your introductory pages after having completed the whole project. Why is it so? The answer is simple. Your introduction should cover the whole scope of your research. You should grab the reader’s attention in the first sentences, represent theoretical background in your area of study, share your broad position, narrow it down, and explain how you are going to prove it in the following chapters of your paper. If you don’t want to redo your introduction for several times, write it last. If you want to compose a great introductory section at the first try, use a well-written example of a dissertation introduction as a model. Consider the following options to find the samples that meet your needs.

  • Visit your university library.
  • As a rule, all doctoral theses of the former university graduates are kept in the library of the institution. A librarian will help you find papers in your niche. With any luck, you may find a project on the similar topic. The quality of obtained samples will be high, and, what is more important, it will meet all criteria of your university in particular.

  • Turn to an experienced graduate.
  • It’s great if you know someone who has already successfully defended a dissertation. This person will not only provide you with a proper introduction example but will describe all nuances of the defense. Don’t underestimate an opportunity of making friends with successful graduates, especially if they are the former students of your university.

  • Browse free thesis databases.
  • Online databases were developed to store academic papers by the students from different institutions and even from different countries. You may come across several samples at once. Not to get lost, do search only within your subject area. Look for the papers that have been submitted recently.

  • Make use of paid websites.
  • You may benefit from professional writing services as well as from the paid thesis databases. You will not be allowed to view or download the full versions of projects until you pay for access. However, the first pages of dissertations can be usually seen at no cost, and the introduction is included there. Paid services offer a wide range of doctoral projects, and you may come across several suitable examples in your field of study.