How To Write A Dissertation Proposal Literature Review In 5 Simple Steps

Dissertation is one of the most critical and time consuming part of your education life. It is important too as all your future credentials would be measured by your dissertation topic and the way you have executed it. If you do an excellent job then you will be accepted with great respect in many places or may be higher prospects of educations too.

You always need to be careful about your dissertation topic as it decides the fate of your future so you need to be quite conscious about it. You should go for a decent topic, the topic should neither be too hard so that you face a problem searching for resources for your work, nor the topic should be so easy that it grabs no one’s attention. It should be interesting and full of factual data, so that the overall thing should be quite informative.

What is a literature review?

As a writer it is your responsibility to analyse the entire subject matter and give a good review about it. If your audience knows less about the topic then you should provide them with much more facts. That is why they are reading your articles. You need to write an original work in context to the existing work on that particular topic.

  • You need to talk about the major issues surrounding the topic.
  • You need to be completely descriptive about each and every work and relate them with each other.
  • Try to resolve all the contradiction that exists in the previously done studies on this topic.
  • Always try to keep a future prospect of your work.

What must be the content of a literature review?

The whole thing must be well constructed and well written and the information should flow sensibly from one point to the other. Present the entire thing sequentially and chronologically so that no point should be missed while facts are being provided. The whole procedure should be completed in an unbiased and unprejudiced manner.There are certain things which must be included in your review.

  1. Provide an entire overview of the subject matter and al the possible theory’s which are under consideration on that topic.
  2. Divide all the works in to classes and perceptions. Then you might be able to put all the detailing you need to do.
  3. Try to recollect all the works that has been done on this topic before your work.
  4. All the greatest contribution of the earlier works should be included in your dissertation review.
  5. Include your sources details, acknowledge your mentor.